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Obsessed with having your nails looking great no matter what? I have the solution ! Press On Gel Nails give you a whole new look. I’m not talking about the press on nails you buy at the drugstore, those nails are just too weak and  break to easily,  sometimes you can’t even find the right size on all 24 nails that come in the box. There is also not many options in designs and lengths. Some of us want our nails XXL long and some of us just want a very short nail that will look as natural as possible due to work policies. That’s is why after looking for so many options, I decided to create my own company and deliver press on nails that actually work for you. That way, we could give our customers the best of all worlds. In this blog, we’ll go over what separates our nails here at Beautyluxnails from the rest.



Press on Nails at Beautyluxnails


Our nails are 100% handmade. We do not use vendors, therefore, our nails are high quality and durable. When wearing press on nails on girls night out or a date, the last thing you want is for any of your nails to break. It can ruin your whole night ! This is the last thing we ever want our customers to go through. Our nails are Salon Quality nails, meaning they are durable. You can reuse them over and over again. And the best part of it, they are super affordable. So when you become a Beautylux babe, you can stop thinking about “ is my nail goin to break?” Do I need to take extra glue and nails just in case?” With our nails, we wanted to give you assurance and peace of mind that comes from having a high quality product.


Press On Gel Nails


What We Offer

Who doesn’t love to get packages at your from porch and feel like it’s Christmas or your birthday. Well, when you purchase a set of nails from us, you get more than just a set of nails. All orders come with a nail prep kit, which includes a nail buffer, a nail file, cuticle pusher, alcohol wipes, and a storage box. We also like to include other accessories, like hair scrunchies, make up related items to make you feel special because that’s how we feel when we get an order from you. We also understand our customers that are new to press on nails and we want to help them as much as possible when it comes to the application process. Therefore, all orders come with an instruction sheet that explains step by step on how to apply and remove press on nails. You can apply them and remove when needed and store them on the box they came on. 


Have you ever found nail inspiration on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest from nail artist that are not in your area or you like the design but want it on a different nail shape/nail length? That happen to us all the time! We soon realized we were not the only ones with this problem. We know that everyone has it’s on unique style, and when it comes to nails we can’t say “One Size Fits All”. Nail can also display our style. Some of us like to very simple nails or very glam bling nails. I have a few collections such as my “Basic collection” and my “New Arrivals” but for some of our customers it still might not be what they are looking for. So, we have the option for you to request a custom Design set. Where you can get a nail design set based on what you request to us. 

We ask you to send us the inspiration photos via email or by DM at our instagram account (@beautyluxnails_) and a detailed message on the design you want, such as if you want the design as is or if you want some changes.

Our Beautylux babes, love to order Custom Design sets because they get what they paid for! If you do not believe us see our reviews on custom sets.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to press on nails. Therefore we like to offer our customers as many different kind of nails as possible. Stay up to date and do not miss our “New arrivals” where we are constantly adding new designs. At beautyluxnails you should not feel left out! If you want a different design/ style always count on us to create a design that best represents you.



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